At Mangan & Company Solicitors we always advise clients to obtain legal advice prior to entering into the mediation process. We specialise in lawyer assisted mediation and have extensive experience in guiding and advising clients through the mediation process.

Mediators are specially trained facilitators who will work with a separating couple to assist them in resolving their dispute amicably. The mediator is neutral and does not give legal advice within the process. The mediator does not take sides or make recommendations.

Mediation is totally confidential and can be very cost effective. Any experts required during the course of mediation have to be sourced outside the mediation and their advice brought back into the mediation by the parties. At the conclusion of mediation if agreement has been reached heads of agreement are drawn up and then each party must go to a solicitor and have formal terms of separation drawn up. It is extremely helpful if you have a mediated agreement to bring it to a family specialist who has mediation training, as we are more likely to look upon the agreement with sympathy and from a non-adversarial standpoint, while still ensuring that legal requirements are met. The input of a family law solicitor mediator is less likely to produce conflict and more likely to promote consensus.